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Behaviour-Driven Development with Calabash

Behaviour-Driven Development has become the standard development process for crafting software on the web. In recent years tools such as Cucumber and Bahat have elevated automated acceptance testing into the toolchain of any discerning software engineer. But what about the thriving world of mobile development? Is it possible to practice outside-in test driven development when creating iOS, Android or hybrid applications? This session will examine the relatively new and emerging world of Behaviour-Driven Development for mobile applications.

Using an automated acceptance test framework called Calabash, we will examine how to build applications that are continuously tested against product requirements written in the Gherkin domain-specific language. Using the outside-in development method, a basic mobile application will be constructed during the session, precisely meeting the product owners requirements.

Talk given at

Dutch Mobile Conference 2014, Amsterdam
Sittercity, Chicago


10 things to consider when taking your business to the mobile market

This talk will walk through ten considerations that you must make when moving your online business to a mobile audience. Based on the experience gained taking an existing web property to the mobile market, we take a guided tour through the challenges encountered and how you can avoid them in your business.

Talk given at

Dutch Mobile Conference 2012, Amsterdam
Sittercity, Chicago


External monitoring for commercial web applications

A lightweight talk providing an overview of some analysis work I completed for Sittercity to evaluate web site monitoring services.

Talk given at

PHP Chicago Group, Chicago


Framework Shootout!

I was one of the four panelists during Marcus Delgos’ Framework Shootout! at PHPNW, alongside Rob Allen, David Z├╝lke and Derick Rethans.

Talk given at

PHPNW 2010, Manchester

Design for Scalability with HMVC

The ambition of web applications has only been impeded by the economies of scaling. The Hierarchical-MVC pattern enables ambitious applications to be designed without worrying about the dreaded ‘S’ word.

This talk will provide an overview of how to build applications that scale vertically and horizontally effortlessly when using the HMVC pattern. We will examine how the request object can provide a cost effective way to create an application of services. Then we will see how interrogation of the request object can reduce the size of the codebase across the entire application.

Talk given at

Dutch PHP Conference 2010, Amsterdam
Kohana Konf 2010, London