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Dutch Mobile Conference 2014

The Dutch Mobile Conference in Amsterdam is once again being held this June. It is the third year this conference has been held in conjunction with its well established and lauded sibling, The Dutch PHP Conference. This year the focus of the Dutch Mobile Conference is returning to all things mobile, returning the subject matter to native mobile development as well as mobile web.

I was very fortunate to be able to speak at the inaugural Dutch Mobile Conference in 2012, and I am delighted to be asked to return to speak once more. This year I am going to be tackling the subject of Behaviour-Driven Development. BDD has been a subject that has found itself at home at many a PHP and Ruby conference in recent years. However it has been noticeably absent from the mobile gatherings. Very conscious of this, I have decided it is time to bring testing to the forefront of mobile development.

The talk I intend to deliver (Ed: yes it’s still being written) will begin by explaining why BDD is so fundamentally important to software engineers, testers and business owners. This will give me the chance to introduce the uninitiated to the Gherkin domain-specific language for expressing behaviour, usually run by the Cucumber testing running framework. Once everyone is comfortable with Gherkin, I will switch my attention to delivering a mythical iOS application that has been defined in Gherkin. We will watch the tests fail inside of Calabash-Cucumber and then implement the logic to make them pass until finally, we have created a fully functioning awesome iOS application.

The talk is designed to be accessible for people of all levels of knowledge of BDD, Cucumber and Calabash. It is being constructed to be very demonstration driven, with live code and test examples throughout. All code will be available for people to try themselves from Github after the presentation.