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About Sam

Hi I am Sam. I am a systems architect and software developer mostly working in Objective-C, C, Ruby and Scala. In the past I also was known to hang around PHP too. Most of my time is spent living and working in Chicago, Illinois. But don’t let that fool you! I originate from London, currently enjoying a stint at being a legal alien in America’s Midwest.

My real passion is developing system architectures for large scale applications. I am also a very passionate mobile experience developer for iOS (both iPhone and iPad). I spend a lot of time messing around with various personal projects that rarely see the light of day. I am a strong advocate of the Open Source movement and a less frequent core contributor to the Kohana Framework.

Currently I look after technology at Sittercity as Vice President. Previously I have worked with many international clients of all sizes from the BBC to Comic Relief, The Open University to the Joint Information Strategic Committee.

On the rare occasions when I am not sitting in front of a computer, I usually occupy my time with making bread, reading, cycling and in the winter months snowboarding.

Warning: I can talk endlessly about snowboarding given half a chance!

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